BDA Ecodesign Smart Building Designer

Gladstone Drafting are an Endorsed Sustainable Building Designer. Specific training has been undertaken in sustainable building and we have made a commitment to the design of sustainable built environments.BDA Ecodesign members have been provided with a high level of detailed information about designing homes which use sustainable principals such as natural heating and cooling, efficient water use, natural day-lighting and many more. You can expect to receive a design which ensures that your home is comfortable, liveable, economical to use and maintain, and one which does not impact significantly on our fragile environment.

Building Designers Association 

Gladstone Drafting is a member of the Building Designers Association of Queensland. By being a member of such a prestigious association we have made a commitment to always aim to provide excellence of service to clients. We continually upgrade our knowledge and maintain our skills through continuing to participate in professional development programs. Team members regularly attend BDAQ Roadshows and masterclasses. Several team members are also currently enrolled in further education to expland their knowledge of the building industry.

Gladstone Engineering Alliance

Being a member of the Gladstone Engineering Alliance enables Gladstone Drafting to be part of a proactive and innovative network that promotes capability and capacity of suppliers to major industry in the Gladstone region. The network is responsive to the needs of industry in the region, and provides a strong network of member companies and organisations seeking to provide engineering, manufacturing and support services to clients in both the private and public sector. 



Industry & Mining Design:
Mechanical design
Plant layout
Piping design & ISO's
Structural design
Access & Machinery Guarding design
Materials handling
Building Design:
House and unit design
3D realistic views
Interior design
Pre-designed or custom plans
Fabrication Industry:
Steel work shop details
Procast concrete details
Tilt-up concrete
Civil and Infrastructure Design:
Road and carpark
Site underground services modelling
Drainage design