GPCL Ship Loader 1 MCC Modification

Works were undertaken to design a new MCC room and access platform to be installed between the “A” frame of the ship loader and to be clear of the boom when lifted up.  Tight space tolerances were evident; therefore we engaged 3D scanning technology to scan and create a base model of the existing ship loader. To reduce ship loader down time the new structure was prefabricated and fitted out as much as possible prior to fitting to the ship loader.

Works included:

  • Assistance with the pre-feasibility study,
  • Scope requirements for and instigate 3D laser scan of the structure and produce a detailed model of the existing structure to provide an accurate base to build our design,
  • Produce a detailed model of the new MCC room including equipment layouts,
  • Undertake engineering study of weight shift throughout ship loader,
  • Work with team to schedule a construction method to reduce ship loader down time, and
  • Design access and exit for personnel and equipment.

The building was built off site and successfully lifted and slid into place in a few hours onto a prepared simplistic support structure.  Clearance of only 25mm along one side challenged both the accuracy of our design and the lifting team.

Industry & Mining Design:
Mechanical design
Plant layout
Piping design & ISO's
Structural design
Access & Machinery Guarding design
Materials handling
Building Design:
House and unit design
3D realistic views
Interior design
Pre-designed or custom plans
Fabrication Industry:
Steel work shop details
Procast concrete details
Tilt-up concrete
Civil and Infrastructure Design:
Road and carpark
Site underground services modelling
Drainage design