Plans Between 200m² & 240m²

    Note: The facades shown are an example and artistic impression only. Facades can be altered to suit your tastes, style and colours.

 Amber  4  Double  207.5m²  
 Aqua  3 or 4  Double  212-247.4m²  
 Beryl 'A'  3 or 5  Double  235.5-266.2m²  
 Citrine  3 or 5  Double  215.3-241.7m²  
 Copper  3 or 4  Double  217.2-251m²  
 Coral  4  Double  201.4m²  
 Crystal  4  Double  236.3m²  
 Emerald  3 or 4  Double  223.6-255m²  
 Garnet  3 or 4  Double  215.8-263.4m²  
 Golden Oak  4  Single  229.7m²




 Onyx  4  Double  221.9m²  
 Opal  3  Double  216.6m²  
 Silky Oak 'A'  4  Double  239.5-250.3m²  
 Silky Oak 'B'  4  Double  236m²  
Turquoise  4  Double  221.4m²  
Industry & Mining Design:
Mechanical design
Plant layout
Piping design & ISO's
Structural design
Access & Machinery Guarding design
Materials handling
Building Design:
House and unit design
3D realistic views
Interior design
Pre-designed or custom plans
Fabrication Industry:
Steel work shop details
Procast concrete details
Tilt-up concrete
Civil and Infrastructure Design:
Road and carpark
Site underground services modelling
Drainage design