GRC Pool Kiosk

Gladstone Drafting is very proud to have been involved in the re-fit of the Gladstone Aquatic Centre pool Kiosk. Gladstone Drafting worked closely with council to get the best layout and design to make for a more functional space.

The refurbishment project consists of new kitchen facilities, replacement of flooring, more storage areas, a first aid room, office space and disability approved kiosk service area. The aquatic centre is used by swim clubs, schools, community groups and families. The refurbishment will provide many benefits to the community.

The council’s main priority was to make the space more functional with more storage, a kitchen workstation, new office and first aid room and to provide disability service counters. This was achieved by creating a new office within a void space that was previously of no use, converting on large storage area into a small storage room and first aid room. The existing office that was too small was converted into storage also. To make the work area more functional a dividing wall was placed in the center to make the fridges/freezers closer and easily accessed.

Areas of the existing wall had to be demolished to allow lower counters be built for the access of people with a disability, these counters also act as a dual purpose to serve small children that also frequent the complex. A new ramp and handrail was also installed for wheelchair access.

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