Laser Tag & Amusement Centre

Gladstone Drafting was approached by Gladstone Cinemas to complete building design for a proposed extension and alteration to the cinemas at the Night Owl centre- Gladstone. the existing vacant office space adjacent to the cinemas was to be transformed into a laser tag and amusement centre . Due to delicacy of the works in relation to fire protection the works were to be completed within two stages:

  1. Stage 1;- Design of Laser Tag & Amusement centre within existing tenancy
  2. Stage 2;- Design of opening between cinema and amusement centre

Particular attention was paid to the opening in the walls between the existing tenancy and the cinemas. Making this opening affected the fire protection of the whole building and needed to be treated with great care and attention to detail.

Such works conducted by Gladstone Drafting included:

  • Site visit measure existing building
  • Complete calculations on requirements for staff & client amenities, access & car parking.
  • Concept Floor plan with overall room sizes.
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Electrical Layout / Reflected Ceiling Plan (Lighting etc.)
  • Emergency Escape and firefighting equipment plan
  • Hydraulic Design/changes – Any changes to hydraulics and existing slab to approved by a structural Engineer
  • Client Liaison & design review.
  • Review requirements for Class of Building under the NCC.
  • Review requirements with BSC Building Certifier.
  • Site plan and car park layout plan.
  • Review of Emergency Escape Layout – changes to be made if necessary
  • Opening details (to be certified by a structural engineer)
  • Fire shutter details to opening

Gladstone Drafting completed these works within a short time frame allocated by the client.

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