Hotel/Motel Renovation

An established hotel/motel within the Gladstone region wanted to update their premises to create a more family friendly and safe environment for its patrons. Gladstone drafting assisted the client in bringing their visions to life through 3D Images and construction drawings. The images and drawings were used by the client to present to the local council and gain Building approval for their proposed renovations.

The client was very pleased with the images and architectural suggestions supplied by Gladstone drafting. The images allowed the client to better understand the proposed changes and visual the finished project.

Industry & Mining Design:
Mechanical design
Plant layout
Piping design & ISO's
Structural design
Access & Machinery Guarding design
Materials handling
Building Design:
House and unit design
3D realistic views
Interior design
Pre-designed or custom plans
Fabrication Industry:
Steel work shop details
Procast concrete details
Tilt-up concrete
Civil and Infrastructure Design:
Road and carpark
Site underground services modelling
Drainage design