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Townhouse, Duplex & Multi-Unit Design

Gladstone Drafting are custom home designers of Dual occupancy dwellings, townhouses and villas. We Design all styles and sizes from single level to two storey multi-unit villas.

Whether it is a townhouse, duplex or multi unit complex design, Gladstone Drafting will work with you to develop your project and maximise your investment. We make it easy for you, we do the lot from drawing plans to council approval. Our qualified design team will look at a range of factors in preparing your plans:

  • The size and orientation of your lot/estate

  • Which way your land falls i.e., to the street or the rear

  • The width of your lot

  • prospective occupants and their lifestyle

  • The size of the dwelling and number of rooms

  • Parking requirements

  • Impact on neighbouring properties

  • Viable budget for your complex

  • Zoning of your lot


Gladstone Drafting is experienced in complete estate planning and have saved client’s millions of dollars in civil costs with our effective planning and knowledge.

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